Monday, 29 April 2013

Boston FalseFlag: Actors/Fake Witnesses

1) From Veterans : Welcome to Amerika...
Veterans Today on Israeli links :

2) Two bombs, 1 fake and one real ?
No, both fake. See this 1 video shot or this one here

3) Wheelchair dude, war vet without legs?

Hi-res :

Jeff missing pinky finger :

4) Reusable Actors / Witnesses / Victims 
Dawn aka Donna fakery:

2 times a witness at Boston crime sites:

Update: 3 times a witness : Boston Bombs, Watertown & Sandy Hoax

Youtube : Published on Apr 30, 2013

The Boston shooting witness and the supposed Nancy Lanza friend are the same woman. It looks as if they applied some plasticine makeup on her nose and forehead when she played the part of the Lanza aquaintance. She also has her glasses pushed to the top of her nose, essentially hiding her eyes in the street interview. The clincher is the voice matchup: listen at the 7:58 time mark. Boston witness says "guns" followed by Lanza witness speaking. It is an exact match. Conclusion - same woman.

JimStoneFreelance : Youtube video : Sandy Hook policemen at Boston:

5) Hero Cowboy Carlos

Bluescreen wobble : Click to see animated sequence

Project Humanbeingsfirst : Boston Marathon rescuer Carlos Arredondo with his hat and american flag takes time out to stomp on the fence instead of helping victims; the black woman still visible in the background.

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