Friday, 10 May 2013

Boston FalseFlag: Latest links

1) John Friend's Blog: The Realist Report with John Friend
On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Dr. Kaasem Khaleel, better known as Dr. K. Dr. K has done extensive research on media fakery and PSYOPS perpetuated against the American public, including the Sandy Hook "shooting" hoax, the recent Boston "bombing", and even 9/11. Be sure to visit his website NODISINFO.COM

Added : Another great article from John: Are "conspiracy theories" gaining traction?
You'll notice that the various "experts" and "scholars" paraded in front of the cameras and quoted in the mainstream mass media to "debunk the conspiracy theorists" never actually address the legitimate facts independent investigators bring to light that contradict the "official narrative" of past and current events. They will never engage in an open debate or dialogue. Their tactics are intellectually dishonest and cowardly.  And it's becoming obvious, even to the most deluded. Do they really think they can continue to get away with this sort of nonsense?

2) continues to dissect to scenes:
Boston Hoax: Fake Blood Pumps and Bladders Confirmed
Paintball Bombs Used in the Boston Hoax to Mimic Blood?
Second Boston Bombing Injuries Are Fake

3) Cluesforum: Photoshopping - Behind or in front?

Full photo :

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