Saturday, 11 May 2013

Boston FF: Who is the Lady in Pink

May 2, 20131LtMike : Boston Bombing! Woman in Pink is Suzanne Bump! MASS State Auditor!
Suzanne Bump compared to woman in pink in the Boston Bombing photos.

Dan : Can you explain why the MASS. State Auditor watching the finish line of her state's marathon, then sticking around the bombing site suggests a conspiracy?
1LtMike : Examine the high resolution photos closely as I have and you tell me. This was a drill, not a real bombing.

- >LtMike's photostream at Flickr and his Youtube Channel
-> Follow the Lady in Pink for the Ultimate Truth
-> Pink Lady Caught and Busted by AnonPyrates : Boston Hoax arch-perpetrator the lady in the pink vest and more are caught and busted in this video by AnonPyrates. : Guests at the third annual African American Ball Celebrating Black History Month
From left. Darnell Williams of Roxbury, CEO of the Urban League of Massachusetts; Suzanne Bump of South Boston; and Cleve Killingsworth, CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

BostonHerald : GOP cries ethics foul on Suzanne Bump - Republicans have filed an ethics complaint against state auditor candidate Suzanne Bump, claiming she skirted conflict of interest laws when her husband helped broker a taxpayer-funded job for a convicted killer.

What's with the black leather glove(s)?

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  1. Hello I think the Lady in Pink is Doris Kearns Goodwin !!!

    Look for example, here: