Monday, 27 May 2013

London Woolwich Fake Terror II

John-Friend: May 23: 108morris108 : Was The Attack In Woolwich A Hoax? - Morris

John-Friend: May 25: London "beheading" - Responding to critics

... The London "beheading" was indeed another hoax, a fake event portrayed in the mass media as real which is being used to perpetuate the fraudulent "Global War on Terror" meme and the idea of "lone-wolf Islamic terrorists," in addition to justifying the crackdown on the internet and expanding governmental authority to spy on the private communications of citizens in the United Kingdom.
... ..  I have no problem with either of these fine gentlemen, and consider them good friends and allies.  But I think they are very mistaken in their outlook on this event, and I'll explain why.

John-Friend: May 26: Questioning the London "beheading"
Terrorist guy has forgotten everything about killing the soldier guy. I mean, he's probably still alive since the lady is stroking his back, right?

Very busy talking about something. Nobody minds the poor probably-dead guy. The guy to the left is checking his text messages. The others are talking to each other.

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