Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Boston FalseFlag: What's Uppa

1) Pakalertpress :FBI Whistleblower Says CIA Used Tsarnaev Brothers as Patsies in Boston False Flag
FBI Whistleblower Reveals CIA Ran The Boston Bombers

2) Educate-Yourself :Tamerlan, Captured Alive & Uninjured, Was Mortally Wounded in Custody, Then Delivered to Hospital, Claiming Mortal Injuires Were Due to Concocted SUV "Runover" & "Shootout" Fable

2) Boston suspect cars
Police Investigate Mystery of Second Vehicle Involved in Tsarnaev Brothers Alleged Shootout
Digitaljournal.com - Police and FBI at odds over number of cars Boston Suspects drove

3) Saudis connection
Aim.org : Another Cover-up for the Saudis?

4) All included
Infowars : Warning! Anonymous Teams up with al-Qaeda!

5) Bush: George Bush, Jr., is Right for Once

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