Saturday, 11 May 2013

Boston FF: Photos & vids from 1LtMike

Glynn72 : Anyone else notice Anderson Cooper and Diane Sawyer always seem to be interviewing the "victims" of Sandy Hook and Boston. Are there any other interviews with these people by anyone else?


Youtube : Crisis-actor Make-Up Artist interviewed:
1LtMike : Take a close look at the makeup artist that is giving the interview in this video, then compare her to the woman in the brown sweatshirt that stands around the fence for a while after the bomb goes off, then continues to survey the area for some time after. Most likely to ensure everything looks authentic and convincing. After all, that is her job. 

Also notice the woman in black, pointing directly at the person taking this photo, informing the others that someone is taking pictures.

Boston Bombing Unregistered Actor Enters on 1LtMike's photostream

No thanks, we have enough actors. Go away. Please escort this unregistered actor off the set.

Photop - Get Ready :

Law officials congratulating each other on a job well done. No one will suspect a thing.

Someone forgot to grab this fake blood pouch:

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