Sunday, 12 May 2013

Boston FF: CIA / DHS / ETC

Veterans Today
: Making mayhem in Boston: The CIA links brings an article by Jerry Mazza:
In this article, Jerry Mazza notes that the likely perpetrator of the bombings – Craft International – is a CIA spin-off. The  patsies‘ Uncle Tsarny is part of the “family” of rogue CIA spook Graham Fuller. And the patsies were set up with the help of another rogue CIA spin-off – the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), which uses American tax dollars to murder innocent civilians by the thousands in Iran.

Veterans Today : Homeland Security Blames Boston on Public
Homeland Security admits Boston security failure. That’s right folks. They do admit it, but with a twist. They admit that the public must do more to inform them of potential threats so they can then prevent future attacks.

Vimeo video pick : Boston Marathon Bombing Timeline Examines Social Media Responses

Boston Marathon Timeline from Emily Tolan on Vimeo.

Missile Defense Scientist Confirms : Boston Marathon Bombing a False Flag :
See Clifford Anthony Paiva – Youtube Channel and Open Letter to DHS Strategic Operations

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